Monday, March 01, 2010

National Forests-lands of multiple misuse

A very disturbing AP story today about Mexican drug gangs and illegal immigrants using our public lands for their criminal activities. Once again our refusal to deal with these two issues as the serious plagues on this country that they are is having a real impact on our society, safety, and freedom. It is only a matter of time before some horrific event will happen when an innocent hiker, hunter, law-abiding citizen stumbles upon one of these criminal enclaves. And I want to know how we as a nation of laws can tolerate this? It is our (Law-abiding Americans born and naturalized citizens) land! Not the land of illegal drug running criminals. If this doesn't disturb you, don't dare venture too far from the trail then. And if you think this is just a California problem, I have seen the drug runners right here in the North Cascades and we had a major drug growing operation busted right next to Ross Lake last summer. This is our problem too here in the Northwest and having a complacent attitude towards drugs and illegal immigration isn't going to help maintain the integrity of our public lands and safety of those who recreate on them. This is not the type of use that Gifford Pinchot envisioned with his utilitarian views of our national forests of greatest good for the greatest amount of people. We are failing as wise stewards of our public lands and our society at large will suffer along with our forests.

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