Wednesday, March 03, 2010

That's the number of endangered species that both presidents granted federal protection to in their first year of office. While George W Bush was perhaps one of our least environmental friendly presidents ever, Obama isn't exactly moving full steam ahead when it comes to endangered species and particularly wolves. Presidents Clinton and George HW Bush on the other hand were exceptional when it came to protecting endangered species-they averaged listing 58 (Bush) and 61 (Clinton) species each year while in office. Clinton had a wonderful environmental track record and so too (and much to the shock of many liberals) did the elder Bush. Read the full report here in Treehugger. I'm a little dismayed that many news outlets aren't carrying this story. My local paper did. But then again many newspapers were probably reluctant to carry this headline too. Sometimes the truth can simply baffle the perception!

(picture courtesy of wikipedia- Northern Spotted Owl listed under the first Bush administration)


Alex said...

Really? I'm having a hard time why you would highlight Obama's middle name? Hussein. I mean, really? So, what?

Although it was an interesting article, I don't think you need to emphasize his middle name - Hussein - to make your point he's "evil" for not catering for environmentalist.

Craig said...

Hi Alex-
Thanks for commenting-although I can't understand why you are worked up over me using Obama's middle name-it was more for a literal reasons because I used Bush's middle initial to make the headline flow-but I still must ask why is it wrong to use his full name? It IS his legal name and he embraced it (as he should) during his campaign. We say Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Milhous Nixon too-so again not quite sure where you are coming from-my main point of the post is to show that Obama which so many enviromentalists thought would be this saving grace really isn't what many people perceive him to be-he isn't "evil" (your words not mine) he is just business as usual and influenced by big business just as much as W was. Notice yesterday that his administration didn't list the Sage Grouse as endangered? Big win for the gas and wind power industry (which he is a big supporter of). Where is the outrage from the enviros? If Bush did it they would scream bloody murder that he was in big oil's pocket! And notice how so many newspapers didn't carry the story I linked? Why is that? They went after Bush for everything and still are smitten over Obama. For the record I didn't vote for Obama or George W Bush! I Don't care for either one of them. I did however vote for Clinton twice and I like Bush the elder-he doesn't nearly get the recognition that he deserves-both of these presidents had good environmental records and they didn't present themselves as something they aren't. Thanks again for responding and I welcome (as always) good dialogue and debate.