Monday, January 11, 2010

What's up Chuck?
Actually, what's up the White Chuck? It was in 2003 that devastating floods pretty much closed off this valley to all but the hardiest of souls (Yes, Kim and Jim-that would be you two!). But the Forest Service is slowly restoring access to this area. Bring on those TARP and Bailout Funds. Heck, if this administration is going to bankrupt the nation (the last one helped too) well we might as well get some trails out of the deal! The White Chuck Bench Trail, once one of the finest winter snowfree hikes in the Cascades is slowly coming back to life. Two miles of the 6.7 mile trail have been restored and those two miles are in excellent shape. This restored section of trail is practically level and its both kid and dog friendly. And it is a quiet alternative to the carnivals that are usually in play off of I-90 and the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls. The trail is located just short of 10 miles from Darrington and it is all on paved road except for the last .8 mile. Check it out and find out what's up the White Chuck!

(Photo-White Chuck River from viewpoint 1.5 miles up trail. Beyond, after another .5 mile the tread fades away)

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