Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's next?
Beware of water on the Trail!
One of the more oddly signed trails in our state's trail system is Little Si. Managed by the Washington Department of Natural Resources, the trailhead, trail and junctions are all well signed. I don't have a problem with that-in fact I commend the agency-for far too often trails managed by the US Forest Service lack any signs. What I find rather odd however is the large road like "Caution Falling Rock" sign on the trail. Now, its okay to warn about natural hazards at the trailhead kiosk-but seriously, isn't there always a risk of falling rock when you're heading up a mountain? This large highway sign looks so out of place on the trail. And-really now, does it do any good? What's a hiker to do-head up the trail neck-cocked upward at the slopes above? What then? A watch out for twisting ankles and falling sign!? Hikers assume risk when they enter the backcountry-a big sign stating the obvious probably doesn't alleviate the risk. All it does probably is let the land agency off the hook from being sued from a misguided hiker who thinks that the agency can control nature from acting up. Heck, if DNR can make nature heed its wishes-then it certainly would be able to get a much more destructive force from coming down on it-mainly Governor Gregoire's budget cuts for DNR! Hm-how much are you axing again from DNR Christine?And how much of a raise are state union workers getting again? My tax dollars pay for both and you have your axing and propping up in the wrong order. Maybe you can find a few more dollars in the coffers to put up a new sign "Caution, State Budget Cuts Coming-Kiss Your Favorite Trails Goodbye!"

(Photo-Christian Carver prepares for falling rock and Gregoire's falling DNR budget)

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Partner said...

Welcome to the nanny state of all nanny states. Have you seen where the Seattle Parks Dep't. wants to ban spitting and smoking in city parks? They say they'll just toss you out for an offence but they also will forward your record of misdeeds to the SPD.