Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gregoire prepares to give government workers a pay raise during a $2.6 billion dollar shortfall!

Once again, Washington state Governor Gregoire displays who owns her (state unions) by going through to give state workers (which she increased substantially under her reign) a 5% raise during the worst economy since the 1930s. What the heck!?! While our resources suffer and many of us are lucky just to hold on to a job, our fiscally unsound Governor (who increased spending by 33% in her first 4 years- where did it all go?) is going through with giving state workers a 5% raise! That's $83 million dollars that comes from you and me. Let's see. An $83 million raise for government workers and how much for DNR recreation and state parks? And while you're crunching those numbers watching your favorite trail close or park get sold off to another agency take solace in knowing that Gregoire is heading over to Copenhagen right now (on whose dollar?). Christine, can you do us all a favor over there? How about a little climate change move by getting you out of Olympia and changing the economic climate here in Washington state. Perhaps President Obama can offer you a job. I like the idea of governor Owen more and more each day!
(Photo-will state parks like the Cowan Ranch ever get funding to open and serve the tax- payers of Washington State?)

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