Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dare to go where no Guidebook Authors have gone before!

Those of you who are familiar with my guidebooks know that I hike every trail included in my books and thoroughly research its history and land use management for you, so that you can have an optimal hiking experience. One of the other things that I pride myself upon as far as my books are concerned is that I go out of my way (literally) to include trails, parks and areas that other guidebook authors ignore or just plain don't know about. Where else will you find information on hiking at the mouth of the Columbia River, Whidbey Island, the Chehalis River Valley, the Finney Block of Skagit County, the Loomis State Forest of Okanogan County, the hills surrounding Chelan and Wenatchee, or the Kitsap Peninsula? Yep-you won't find much about these places in other guidebooks-but they're covered in mine and well-and you'll get more than just Green Mountain for the Kitsap Peninsula and you'll get entire chapters on the Long Beach Peninsula, Trapper Creek Wilderness, Clark County, the Chehalis Valley and the hills surrounding Wenatchee. So, if you think that you have hiked everywhere that this state has to offer (even I don't make that claim!) check out my line of guidebooks for new ideas. You might even find out like so many folks from Spokane to Aberdeen that there are trails right in your backyard that you don't even know about! Great! I always get a warm fuzzy feeling introducing hikers to these places. And if you think that there is a trail that I don't know about and you want to share it with me (which I hope you do) please feel free to fire me an email at Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out each week too for new hiking ideas!

(Photo- Wynoochee Lake in the Olympics- Out of the dozen guidebooks out there in print on the Olympics, you'll only find this great 12.0 mile loop hike in mine-Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula to be exact)

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