Friday, November 20, 2009

Time to Adopt a State Park?

These are tough times for state parks across the nation. States grappling with record deficits are cutting from their appropriations funding to their parks and forests. Not, that they ever funded them adequately even during good times. Now a state senator in New Hampshire is proposing legislation to adopt a state park to keep them afloat. Read and listen here from NH public Radio.

Adopt-a-Park: A Plan for New Hampshire State Parks
NHPR, by Rick Ganley

New Hampshire has 71 state parks. It's the nation's only self-funded park system, and it's operating at a loss. That leaves many smaller, lesser-known parks with little care and oversight. State Representative Jeffrey St Cyr, a Republican from Alton, thinks he has a solution. He's proposing legislation to form an adopt-a-park program

Is this a good idea? Any other good ideas out there to keep our parks afloat during the Great Recession? As more people lose their jobs and scale back their budgets, our public lands are more important than ever!

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Giuseppe said...

Everyone shold adopt a park and a kitty!