Saturday, November 21, 2009

Once, Twice, Three, Four Times a Creme Brulee!
C'est Bon!

Hey, it's Thanksgiving Week and I have food on my mind. C'mon, I'm Italian afterall-I have food on my mind all the time. One of the ways that I judge a country is by its cuisine. One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is trying new foods and any foods. Yep! Just about any foods. I've had every conceivable part of a cow served to me in Argentina. Chicken hearts in Brazil-and just recently served to me right here in my house by my wife. I've had urchins and other gushy things-the entire darned dredged harbor served to me in Japan. Kim chi coming out of my-well, never-mind, in Korea. Haggis in Scotland. Beetle larvae in the Amazon, fiddleheads in Quebec, cow head in Uruguay, Octopus jerky in Korea, prickly pear in Sicily, hot dogs in New Jersey! So, how about this week we salute some of my favorite countries and places of distinguished culinary tastes.

Today-Quebec! Think North American game and bounties served by a people who gave us the word-cuisine. Anyone who doesn't think there is a Canadian cuisine has never been to Quebec. And it was those wonderful French-Canadians that also gave us Cajun cuisine. Yep, when the English who don't know how to boil water, never mind make a decent meal (hey but they know how to brew a good ale) started throwing the French out of Acadia (that would be Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Gaspe for those of you not versed in Canadian history and geography) they ended up in the bayous of Louisiana. Cajuns are Arcadians and they like the Quebecois, trace their ancestry to one of the finest countries on the planet when it comes to good food- France! Anywhere the French have had an impact, expect good food. Can you say Vietnam, Lebanon, Senegal, Foie gras? Bon appetit!

(Photo-me in Montreal contemplating which Creme brulee to attack first!)

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