Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Defecation Proclamations
Signs of the Time?

Was there ever a time in our country's history when we could truly trust our politicians? Certainly not ones from Texas and Chicago. Well, okay maybe Abe Lincoln and Stephen Austin, but that was a long, long time ago! All I know that in this decade of Bush-Obama, I need a full time BS protector. And while that may be years in the making before some hotsh*t entrepreneur designs one- well at least the usually inept Forest Service has designed (and prominently displayed at some trailheads) a few signs I can take with me to the next townhall meeting or campaign rally. Check 'em out! What do you think? You might even find A-corn nestled within the stench! Mission accomplished! Change you can believe in! Feces alert indeed!

(photos- Bury your Poop from Trapper Creek or is that Crapper Creek and Feces Alert from Peak a Boo Lake or is that Peak a Poo Lake?)

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