Monday, September 28, 2009

102.9 Miles
What a week!

I am exhausted today. Why? I had a record week of researching (hiking) these past seven days. I just had to take advantage of the amazing week of weather we just had to get as much trail research in for my upcoming backpacking and Columbia Gorge books. My brother Doug flew in from New Hampshire and he along with my wife Heather and I headed to Trout Lake for the week to set up base. We stayed at the lovely Serenity's cabins and then headed out on a hiking frenzy:

Sept. 20 Devils Garden, Mount Adams Highline-via Muddy Meadows Trail, Mount Adams Wilderness-Gifford Pinchot National Forest 20.1 miles

Sept. 21 Wahtum Lake-Chinidere Mountain-Mud Lake-Tomlike Mountain-Anthill Trail Loop Mark Hatfield Wilderness, Mount Hood National Forest 9.7 miles

Sept. 22 Blue Lake-Deep Lake-Lemei Lake-Tombstone Lake-Elk Lake-Clear Lake- Indian Heaven-PCT-Cultus Creek Loop – Indian Heaven Wilderness- Gifford Pinchot National Forest 18.3 miles

Sept. 23 Observation Mountain Trail-Sister Rocks-Observation Mountain-Big Hollow Trail to Dry Creek Trail-Trapper Creek Wilderness- Gifford Pinchot National Forest 13.1 miles

Sept. 24 Wahtum Lake-PCT to Indian Mountain-Hatfield Wilderness, Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon 9.5 miles

Sept. 25 Dog Mountain-new trail to old trail to summit to new trail to old trail back down the Augsperger Mountain Trail, Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area 8.5 miles

On September 26, Doug flew back to NH and Heather and I retreated to Skagit County. Realizing that the weather was about to change soon-I decided to get up at 4:30 am on Sunday and sneak in one more, albeit long hike-and it was long-almost 24 miles-my longest day hike of the year-should be good training for my upcoming marathon. Yesterday's hike was a classic-

North Fork Skykomish Trail to Pass Creek Trail to PCT to Dishpan Gap to North Fork Skykomish Trail-Wild Sky and Henry M. Jackson Wilderness, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, 23.7 miles

My grand total for the week (I did have one day off) was 102.9 miles. And for the month? Yet another record for me with 221.2 miles! I believe this year will be a record too-boy, I'm going to need a sedentary vacation!

(photo-crimson trail lining PCT near Skykomish Mountain, Henry M. Jackson Wilderness 09/27/09)

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