Thursday, June 04, 2009

Falling for the Palouse!

I just had to stop by Palouse Falls on my way to the Juniper Dunes Wilderness two weeks ago. I have stopped to admire these falls several times in the past while in the area. They are in my opinion the prettiest major waterfalls in the state. You can have Snoqualmie Falls. There is no hoity-toity resort teetering on Palouse's edge nor or there scores of latte-sipping label-flashing oh-that's-pretty-lets-go-shopping-now types cluttering the viewscape (Okay-just a few!). Seriously- Palouse Falls are absolutely gorgeous. What makes them so? Well their height is certainly a factor-but so is the stark desert-steppe surroundings and the grand canyon that the river rushes through afterwards. And no development-just a wild rugged section of the arid and geologically fascinating southeast corner of the state. The falls are protected within a state park (that I'm surprised former governor and now Obama administration lackey Gary Locke didn't close when he liquidated about seven parks in Eastern Washington in 2002). Make sure you support this park and our other priceless gems by making the $5.00 park donation on your vehicle registration renewal. Five bucks is the price of one of those lattes over at Snoqualmie Falls. Five bucks for our parks is a bargain and it won't leave you jittery or add a pound to your waistline.

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