Monday, June 22, 2009

Et Tu New Hampshire?

Well, add New Hampshire to the cash strapped states considering the idiotic idea of liquidating their state parks. Bad enough my adopted state of Washington doesn't fully value their parks-now my home state wants to throw some parks under the budget bus too! Democrats control the governorship and both houses in New Hampshire. When the Republicans controlled the state throughout most of the 20th century they added parks. Granted the parks were never fully funded-but during the recession of 1979-81 the state never even considered getting rid of some of its crown jewels. I can't believe the list of parks on the hit list- Cardigan, Kingston, Silver Lake, and Pisgah-those are some of my favorite places and a couple of them are excellent hiking destinations as well! Governor Lynch-I actually respect you-I hope you stop this madness from occurring. I would hate to think that your sate park legacy may replicate governors Locke and Gregoire of Washington. First the old man crumbles-an act of God-now the state park system is crumbling-an act of indifferent legislators who value our natural, cultural, and recreational heritage very little.

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