Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Appalachian Spring Fling-
Don't cry for me Argentina!
Great! Thanks to South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, the next time I head off on the Appalachian Trail for a few days my wife will be checking to see if I have Yerba tea stains on my teeth when I return. Luckily for me the last and only time I was in Argentina was with my wife! And she has joined me on the AT too! Heading out on the AT for a week has got to be an all time new excuse for covering up an affair. At least Sanford chose a healthy pursuit to cover-up for a less-than-healthy for your family and career pursuit.

Yep-another politician caught cheating on his wife. What a surprise! But what makes its worse here-it is another hypocritical Republican espousing family values then heading down the drunk frat boy highway. At least president Clinton never talked about family values, Gov Sanford you are a disgrace-and you had such a career ahead of you too. Didn't Eliot Spitzer's demise warn you enough to keep it zipped? Well at least your affair was with a woman. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay-it is just when a social conservative gets caught in a gay affair the hypocrisy level goes through the roof! So, Mark start singing-Don't cry for me Argentina- the truth is that I never hiked the AT- just did a little wango-tango in Buenois Aires and am now left with lots of bad air in the Palmetto State.

Hang your head in shame Sanford-maybe its time you did go hike the AT and do a lot of thinking while you are on the trail!

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Rob said...

I dream of the day when we don't care what politicians do with their spare time, and they don't care about what we do with ours. Well, unless there are animals involved.