Sunday, May 03, 2009

Metal to the Petal
It wasn't exactly a tip toe through the tulips-more like pedaling through the petals. Last Thursday evening Heather and I took advantage of our local flower show sans weekend warriors- and biked out to La Conner soaking up the showy scenery. The tulips are in full bloom now and they'll probably be strutting their stuff for another week or two. If you can sneak up here during the week, consider a bike ride through the flats. The traffic is light, the way is flat, and the scenery is spectacular.

Since relocating in Skagit County two years ago I have rediscovered my bicycle and have been doing quite a bit of it once again. Yesterday, Heather and I did a 45 mile bike ride around Camano Island participating in the annual Camano Climb Ride. The weather held out for us-the ride was well organized-but attendance was light with too many uptight Joe Biker types from Seattle-you know the types I'm talking about- the ones with the $5,000 bicycles who are too cool for themselves-don't know how to be friendly-civil-or decent-then wonder why they're single- Go Figure! Anyhow-I welcome all friendly salt-of-the-earth folks to come on up and cycle the backroads of my backyard. See you out on the flats-don't forget to wave hello.

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