Friday, May 15, 2009

Island Rescue!
Two undeveloped islands to be added to Deception Pass State Park.

Talk about miraculous! There's money available in this horrible recession to purchase two undeveloped Puget Sound Islands-and there are actually two undeveloped islands left in Puget Sound! Read this article in the Skagit Valley Herald and plan on visiting this unique area sometime soon. And while I welcome these islands to Deception Pas State Park I do hope that the area is managed with its rare plants in mind so that the area does not become degraded at the expense of recreation. A good balance can be achieved but state park land managers will definitely need a hand from the public. Think about getting involved.

(photo- Deception Pass State Park's Pass and Strawberry Islands)


Anonymous said...

Your photo shows Ben Ure in the middle, only half of Strawberry on the very far right, along with some of Pass island.

yes, the chance to get these two islands is tantalizingly close, though not a done deal yet. Parks is already thinking environmental education, not 'normal' recreation, for the island.

Al Gore said...

What's the point?!?!?!? With the dangers of catastrophic climate change, the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, and the inevitable rise of the world's oceans looming these islands will soon go the way of Atlantis! We should be investing our tax dollars into ark construction not island conservation.