Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Economy, not environment is Canadians' top priority
(and Americans too)!

Here's some environmental food-for-thought from today's Vancouver Sun:

Economy, not environment, is Canadians' top priority
By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun

Substantially more Canadians are rating the economy ahead of the environment as their top priority, according to an international survey of green trends that ranks Canada second last among surveyed countries for the second straight year.

Canada's ranking suffered in part due to residents' large homes, the survey noting more than half have seven rooms.
Home heating and hot running water added to our footprint, as did our love affair
with the automobile, especially large private ones. "Car and truck ownership is above the 17-country average (86 percent compared with 74 percent) and, of those who drive, Canadians are among the most likely to drive large vehicles," the survey found. "Canadians have the third highest rate of driving alone most days (56 per cent)."

(bold face my emphasis)
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And which country comes in last? The U S of A! Oprah's jet, Al's big house and all the latte liberals' second homes in the Methow, Cape Cod and Vail certainly can't help our ratings. But it's not just the hypocritical green washing left that has us on the bottom. The use-it-all-up who cares about spotted owls, wolves and grizzly bear conspicuously consuming right wingers lower our rating too! But they don't care. What about the well heeled enviros? They pretend to care. Who are we fooling? We'll never be able to address climate, habitat, and resource issues as long as we don't address our ridiculous levels of consumption (and population and immigration-but that's another topic). And who does cares more about the environment than the economy according to this poll? Can you believe India, Brazil and China (although I seriously doubt that last one-the government anyway)!

(photo- downtown Montreal- an economic center built on exploiting the environment-beaver pelts!)

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