Monday, April 06, 2009

Sauntering along the Skagit

Heather and I took advantage of the "first weekend of spring" and went for a nice hike along the Skagit River on Sunday. Starting from Rockport's Howard Miller Steelhead Park we followed the Skagit-Sauk Reach Trail for about 3.5 miles. Fairly new and relatively unknown, this trail which follows along the mighty Skagit River on an old rail bed is a real gem. Unfortunately there is a small washout at 1.5 miles which requires some difficult and potentially hazardous dancing around. Most experienced hikers will be able to negotiate it. But this section will definitely require a reroute which requires two difficult to come by things right now- funding for trail work-and funding for an easement on private property. I hope that perhaps some of that stimulus money that President Obama is throwing around will land on the banks of the Skagit. And perhaps Congressman Rick Larsen, no shunner of earmarks can perhaps divert some of this money for trails and away from pavement. How about it Rick? Are you up for a hike this weekend? Let me show you a trail in need and a Skagit County asset worth fixing up.

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