Sunday, April 05, 2009

Has Spring finally Sprung?
Okay, it hit 55 degrees yesterday. Still a degree below the normal high for this time of year-but heck, I'll take it! Heather and I participated in the 28th annual Tulip Pedal bike event. It was fairly well-attended, but not fairly well structured. You were pretty much on your own-so after we left the 40 mile group behind, it felt like we were on our own-and we pretty much were! But--this is our backyard so we were familiar with the roads and we had a great time putting in 63 miles. It was the longest bike ride the both of us have done in awhile. The sun was out-Mount Baker was out and a handful of daffodils were out as well. No tulips yet-it'll be another week or so for them-hopefully in time for our big Tulip Run next weekend. I'd like to see the Tulip Pedal organized as well as our run which is sponsored by the Skagit Runners. Hopefully we'll be able to give them a few good pointers to grow their event and make it a much stronger one. Never-the-less when the sun is shining and you're out exercising in a beautiful environment how can you not be enjoying yourself!?

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