Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gregoire's State Park Legacy:
Close 'em and get rid of 'em!

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt increased our public lands and helped stimulate their infrastructure. Washington State governor, Clarence Martin, a fiscal conservative Democrat helped withdraw land for the public in the form of state parks, forests, fish and wildlife lands, and public works projects.

In the Great Recession of 2008-09-10? Governor Christine Gregoire- a reckless spending liberal Democrat has helped land our state in an $8.5 billion deficit. Sorry, Christine you can't blame this one on George W Bush. You own this fiscal disaster! And now your fiscal irresponsibility is going to lead to liquidating some of our state parks in an attempt to save a measly $23 million dollars. Outrageous!

In these hard economic times we need more parks-not less. Places where all Washingtonians can recreate-places where they can afford to camp, hike, fish, sight-see, picnic, relax, forget about the current state of affairs. But, no Ms Gregoire-your actions are leading to a liquidation of 11 of our parks and the mothballing of 33 more. Your park's commission wants to take out of commission 44 of our public places-44 examples of our natural, cultural, and historic heritage. That's some legacy you are going to leave us Governor. Some legacy indeed!

(photo-In Gregoire's Washington, state parks will be decommissioned instead of expanded like they were under the CCC, represented here in a Colville National Forest memorial)

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Richard Davidian said...

I agree, we need more parks, not less.