Sunday, March 08, 2009

Florida Saves their State Parks
Republican governor and concerned citizens put their money where their parks are!

Can't help but note the bitter irony here. Down in the south where people "cling to their religion and guns" they evidently didn't cling to their wallets when it came time to save their state parks. Floridians overwhelmingly backed a plan by their legislature to raise day use fees (some up to $8 to park) to keep their parks operating and open. And governor Crist, a Republican has allocated more money to the parks system to keep them open. Nice job Florida and Governor Crist, and nice to see that you cherish your outdoor and historic heritage.

Here in "progressive" (actually quite regressive) "green" (only if it concerns transportation in which everyone must take the bus except overweight mayors who talk a lot about other people taking the bus) Washington state we close parks. Our democratic governor and democratic-controlled legislature are going to allow the state parks commission to close and liquidate parks. And many of our over-caffeinated well-to-do SUV driving citizens balk at the notion of having to pay a day use fee to keep their parks open. Go figure! You get what you pay for folks. In Florida you get a beautiful park system that will continue to provide recreation and refuge for its citizens in this terrible economic time. In Washington, you get squat.

Oh yeah, and Florida doesn't have a state income tax either-yet they have figured out how to pay for their park system. I have said it before-and I'll say it ad nauseum -My fellow Washingtonians-if you care about your state parks and heritage hold your legislator's and governor's feet to the fire! NO STATE PARK CLOSURES! I for one am willing to open my wallet a little to help keep them open. I hope you are too-and I hope that my indifferent state reps and governor will give us this option instead of liquidating our heritage! ENOUGH!

(photo-St Joseph Spit State Park-one of my favorite state parks in the nation. Seven miles of undeveloped Gulf-of Mexico paradise-and worth paying a little extra for)

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