Friday, February 27, 2009

The Goose is Loose

Cyclists, hikers and runners looking for a superb long distance rail trail that blends urban and rural settings need to set their eyes on Victoria BC's Galloping Goose Trail. Extending from Victoria's Inner Harbour to the Sooke Hills, the trail travels for 60 kilometers through the gorgeous British Columbia capitol city and its spectacular surrounding countryside. But there is even more! The Lochside Trail branches off from the Goose to travel to Sidney and Schwartz Bay adding another 30 kilometers. I recently had the opportunity to do some running and walking on these two trails and now I can't wait to return with the bike to do the whole Goose! There is a reason why Victoria is ranked as the fittest city in all of Canada. With such an amazing trail system coupled with the mildest weather in the country, how can it not be? There were plenty of people out running,walking, and cycling while I was there and despite the fact that the city had just received a rare snowfall and the temperature was hovering at 0-Celsius! Anyhow take a gander at the Galloping Goose's website and perhaps I'll see you on the trail this year. And check out the upcoming articles I'll be writing about Victoria's running scene including its glorious marathon in Northwest Runner this year.

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