Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow More!
Wow, it just won't stop. Yesterday morning I cleared 4 more inches of snow off of my driveway and there is another 4 inches waiting for me today. Since Saturday the 13th it has snowed about 5 times- and we have received now close to 2 feet here. If that isn't a record for the Puget Lowlands it has to be pretty darn close. Talk about climate change! And if this is what we are in for, for the climate change gurus say we should get more extreme weather, then we better start preparing for more of these snow bouts. So, Seattle and its satellite communities, how about less money for studying climate and more money for controlling it in the form of snow plows and sanders. Snowfall here does occur enough to warrant purchasing more snow removal equipment. We spend millions of dollars preparing for earthquakes and floods and we receive (thankfully) far less of them than snow storms. So, let's start getting better prepared for dealing with the white stuff- shall we? Perhaps our New Years resolution?

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