Sunday, December 07, 2008

Rebirth of a Valley
Last week I had the opportunity to hike the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Trail. I had hiked the upper reaches of this valley back in 1991. Back when the valley was a dumping ground, shooting ground, and a refuge for fugitives and meth-heads. It wasn't a very nice place back then and a place you definitely did not feel safe in. Boy, have times changed-and for the better! The Middle Fork is transforming into what it should have been from the get-go a recreation and wild haven- Seattle's backyard wilderness- and a great place to hike, camp, explore and play. Much of this transformation has been the result of concerned citizens and in particular the vision of the Mountains to Sound Greenway. The greenway, a non-profit non-partisan organization made up of a wide array of members continues to transform this valley as well as the I-90 corridor from Seattle to Ellensburg into a top-notch wildlife and recreation gem. Bravo! Where once I thought I had seen enough to discourage any further hiking, I now look forward to returning. My two upcoming projects- Winter Hikes and Backpacking Washington both contain Middle Fork Destinations. I think people will be pleasantly surprised to find such a great area so close to the city. I look forward to more explorations here. But please upgrade the road! It is still a God-awful pothole ridden aggravating byway!
(photo- alpenglow on the Russian Buttes above the Middle Fork of the Snoqulamie River)

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