Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas Washington State!

Ahh, tis the season when angry liberals and uptight secular progressives, and other inane folks take it upon themselves to steal Christmas. The scene in my adopted state of Washington is ludicrous and just downright sad. It never amazes me how pathetic things can get on the Left Coast. Displaying a Nativity Scene and Menorah at the Washington State house in Olympia was prudent and respectful and in line with celebrating diversity. Allowing all the other displays of tripe and hatred and silliness was just downright despicable. None of those other signs that denounced religion or spoofed holidays in general that were allowed had anything to do with the Christmas season. They were placed by foolish and spiteful people meant to polarize and denigrate the majority of the population.

Let me ask you this Governor Gregoire. On Martin Luther King Day would you let the Klan place a sign extolling the virtues of segregation? On Independence Day perhaps allow a placard with a counter point from the British? On Veterans day allow an anti military poster? Then what ole what dear Ms Gregoire was the reason behind the pure idiocy that you allowed at our statehouse? Christmas is a legal federal holiday. It has been since 1870. Its a holiday and deep part of the American tradition with both religious and secular roots. You either celebrate it or you don't. It is either religious to you or isn't. And if you don't celebrate it and don't care for its religious underpinnings then you just tolerate that others do hold it dear and leave it at that. But, no you turn the statehouse and our state into a clown show.

So here's a lesson for you Governor Gregoire and all you spiteful grinches out there- this is the CHRISTMAS season! Not the holiday season (there are lots of holidays-and this one is called Christmas). Its a CHRISTMAS tree not a holiday tree. The Easter bunny isn't called a holiday rabbit and Thanksgiving dinner isn't called the 4th Thursday in November grub fest. For you sorry and angry souls out there who hate Christmas and all that it stands for- let me ask you this. So, just what part of Goodwill Towards Men and Peace on Earth do you find so objectionable? Yeah, so much for the faux principles of tolerance and celebrating diversity that you cling to and spew without conviction.

Christmas happens to be a secular holiday here in America too- it has been for almost 140 years. The 25th of December is called Christmas! You don't have to be a Christian to celebrate it. I'm not Irish, Chinese, or Jewish yet I celebrate St Patrick's Day and the Chinese New Year and wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah. And if someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah, Happy St Patrick's Day or Happy New Year anytime of the year, I thank them . Why would I be offended over someone wishing me good tidings? So if I wish you a Merry Christmas it doesn't mean that you have to accept Jesus, Santa Claus, flying reindeer or Mr Hanky. Just have a good day! Heaven knows if you get upset over a friendly salutation, you need it! Is that hard to fathom? Just what do you find offensive about having a good day- or a good Christmas, secular or religious? What?

This December I pray that the Christmas spirit may actually reach all of you angry "progressives." God knows you need it! Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward Men- all men (women included) even those who want to steal Christmas!


Maria from Maine said...

Right on - you are a great American! In my hometown, they are no longer allowed to have a Christmas parade - now it is the Festival of Lights. Do people celebrate lights during this season? No, but we have turned into a nation of PC thugs. Keep telling it like it is. Amen, brother! And by the way, Merry Christmas!

Craig said...

And Feliz Navidad a ti Maria!