Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote! Election Day 2008! Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Anxiety-producing. Frustrating. Euphoric. It's all part of our democratic process. So regardless of your political leanings-get your ass to the polls. I don't care who you are voting for (well not entirely true), I just want you to vote. And if you don't like the ways things have been-or will be- if you don't vote I don't want to hear your opinion.

I've already cast my vote and as usual I vote all over the place. I am not a partisan. I lean left on some issues, right on others. I have to decide which candidates come closest to my values. As far as presidents go-my luck at picking them is about as good as picking stocks. I had Washington Mutual in my portfolio (Its still there-its just so small I can't see it anymore). As far as governor picking my record is a little better. Combine president and governor and I batted zero in 2004. So there you, libs and conservatives, figure that one out!

This year I voted for McCain for president. I trust him and he sees America as I do- a great nation to be proud of- a land of opportunity- a place where hard work is rewarded.

For governor I really like my home state of New Hampshire's democrat governor John Lynch, but I can't stomach Washington's democrat governor Christine Gregoire. I'm a fiscal conservative and I'm tired of the waste in this state and bloat in social programs- Rossi for governor!

For Congress-I casted my vote for Rick Larsen-Democrat- Rick is a good man but he voted wrong (for) on the bail-out.

Lands Commissioner, I voted for Goldmark-Democrat- Hey I am Green and I believe he'll manage our millions of acres of public land better than Sunderland (who isn't bad but still too industry influenced).

County Commissioners I voted D. I'm not for paving over farmland. State Senator I voted R. I'm not for spending wildly on useless social programs.

I'll be watching the data roll in later today. See if I hit at least 50% 100% would be nice! And one thing for sure is that once this election is over I can get back to working without so many distractions!

(photo- Old Glory flies from the top of Winchester Mountain in the Mount Baker Wilderness)

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Anonymous said...

UM if you can't stand wasteful spending why do you love Lynch in NH?

He raised 25 new taxes, bought us a pet rock with RGGI and caused a $500M deficit!!!!!!!!!

Lynch is acrackpot.. GET RID OF Him.