Wednesday, November 05, 2008

For Republicans: The Chickens have come home to the Roost.
Congratulations Barack Obama on becoming our next president. I didn't vote for you. I'm concerned about your ascendancy to the presidency not as much because of your liberal positions, but because of your thin resume. We have never elected a president before with such little experience. Heck, even George W. Bush had some experience-he was governor of our second largest state.
And speaking of George W. Bush. Barack, you can thank him for helping you attain the presidency. He has damaged the Republican party. He has spent money like no other. Conservative? Hell no, his spending makes Teddy Kennedy blush. He and the neo-cons have sent this country in a bad direction and I, like all of your supporters, Barack, can't wait to see him head back to Texas too. The Republicans deserved to get spanked-but the country need not be punished. While I believe that our country has been heading in the wrong direction, I don't believe that it is fundamentally flawed nor does it need to be transformed.
Obama, I will support you as my president because it is the right thing to do. I hope that you prove my skepticism wrong and do indeed aspire to greatness. Do the right thing and never lose sight of our Constitution and guiding principles.
Okay-Now for some ramblings.
It is truly a milestone that we as a nation have elected a man to the presidency with an African heritage. Now, will Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the guilt-ridden White liberals that are convinced that America is the most racist country on the planet finally shut up. America is truly a land of opportunity for all. Right now our Speaker of the House is a woman of Italian descent and the Senate President is a Mormon. Obama's chief of staff is Jewish. Jewish, Mormon, women, Italian, and Black- all groups that have been strongly discriminated against in the past. Look at the strides we have made. Our country is truly a grand nation.
In New Hampshire politics we lost Senator Sununu in the senate but gained Jeanne Shaheen. Sununu had a good environmental record but Shaheen does too. They are both decent candidates- a rarity in most contests.
I didn't vote for Bush in 2004 putting me in the 47% minority. I didn't vote for Obama in 2008 keeping me in the 47% minority. Our country is still deeply divided. It has been since the Reagan years.
Two Udalls in the Senate is great for the environment.
Governor Gregoire's re-election baffles me. What is wrong with the people of my state? What the Democrats are doing to Washington state is the same thing the Republicans have been doing to the nation. Bankrupting it through reckless spending! I'm not a partisan, but evidently many of my fellow Washington voters are. I fear times will be tough in my state with this free-spending special-interest courting governor.
Darcy Burner? Give me a break!!! I'm rooting for you Reichert-please pull this one out!
Al Franken? See above-
John McCain goes back to the senate. Help keep the new president on the right track Mac!
And if things do get unbearable here in Washington State at least it is now easier to kill yourself. Sheesh-the culture of death marches on-
Over. Now I can finally get back to writing about hiking!

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