Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Me Back to the 1930s
No, I'm not talking about the current state of the economy-although it does feel like we are heading there. Gulp- theme from the Waltons begin playing! I'm talking about spending some time in Washington's newest state park, Cama Beach, which will take you back to the 1930s in a warm fuzzy way. Yep! The park is a restored coastal resort from the good-ole-days. A living museum that allows you to head back into time when life was indeed simpler. Simple elegance and simple beauty is what this park is all about. The property was saved from being converted into mega-mansion trophy homes thanks to a dedicated group of Camano Islanders. After convincing the Washington State Legislature (which has never made our parks a top priority) to purchase the property (at a bargain rate thanks to the heirs) Washington State Parks did an amazing job restoring this wonderful last-of-a-kind cottage getaway to its former glory. And surrounding the rows of cabins is over 400 acres of supreme undeveloped Camano Island property, all now also a part of the Cama Beach State Park. Close to Seattle and priced for a recessionary budget, Cama Beach is worth a visit and some time. And there is some nice hiking in the park too- several miles worth of trails that radiate from the park and connect with nearby Camano Island State Park and other conservation properties on the island. I'll be highlighting one of these hikes in my due for next fall release Winter Hikes Card Deck (Mountaineers Books). But why wait until next year to visit. Head to this park now! It is destined to become one of the state's most popular. And it'll probably be just as popular tomorrow as it was back in the day!

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