Friday, November 07, 2008

Red, Blue and Purple!

Okay time for some fun (and parody and some sarcasm) with the election. After analyzing the 2008 Electorate map its time to announce the reddest, bluest, and purplest states in the nation. Of course some of the bluest states are actually our reddest (that is socialist red)-like Vermont-with its far left senator Barnard Sanders who when mayor of Burlington wore well on his sleeve the city's nickname of the Peoples Republic of Burlington. And some of our reddest states are actually the bluest (like depressed blue) because these states like Wyoming and Oklahoma are now clinging to their guns hoping the new administration won't take them away! And the most purple state is Missouri-right dab in the middle of the country just like most of us-in the middle. So the heck with states like Wyoming and Vermont (incidentally the two least populated states) anyways- who needs em? Well- maple syrup lovers and people who fuel their cars with gas actually-
Okay, lists please-

The Reddest States-places where Sarah Palin can go hunting anytime she durn shootin well pleases

1. Oklahoma (66% McCain - 34%- Obama)

2. Wyoming (65% McCain - 35% Obama)

3. Utah (63% McCain - 34% Obama) the other 3% to Marie Osmond perhaps?

4. Alaska (62%- 36% Obama) the other 2% to Tina Fey?

5. Idaho (61%- 36%) the other 3% to Pedro?

The Bluest States-places where Joe Biden can get a J-O-B or at least learn to spell

1. Hawaii (72% Obama- 27% McCain) the other 1% to Keanu Reeves?

2. Vermont (67% Obama- 32% McCain) the other 1% to I have a scream Howard Dean?

3. Rhode Island (63% Obama- 35% McCain) the other 2% to Peter Griffin?

4. Massachusetts (62% Obama- 36% McCain) the other 2% to some Kennedy?

5. Illinois (Obama 62%- 37% McCain) the other 1% to Bill Ayers?

The Purplest States-Least divided or most?

1. Missouri- McCain by a hair!

2. North Carolina- Obama by a slightly longer hair

3. Indiana- Obama by two hairs

4. Florida - Obama by two hairs and a few chads

5. Ohio-Obama by three hairs and a few plumbers angry at Joe.

And one final note- that purple state Missouri-where the race was the closest is the home state of one of my political heroes- Harry S. Truman! It's been hell, Harry!

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