Saturday, November 08, 2008

Darcy Burned!

Thank God that the Democratic fervor that swept across America this past November 4th didn't sweep out out of Congress, Dave Reichert (WA 8th District). I understand all too well why Obama was put in the White House-but unfortunately the coattail effect often puts people in power who don't deserve it-they just happen to be affiliated with the party that is currently in vogue-like Ms. Gregoire our free-spending governor. It would have truly been a shame if Mr. Reichert lost to political hack Darcy Burner. Dave is a good moderate Republican out of the traditional wing of his party. And Dave is no foe of the environment. Now that he has been reelected he can get the ball going again on getting his wilderness bill passed-a bill that will increase the size of the ever-popular Alpine lakes Wilderness. As for Darcy, perhaps now she'll have more time to work on her education!

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