Friday, November 21, 2008

Ceder Butt?
And just what the hell is a Ceder Butt? Evidently its the geodetically recognized little landform rising just to the east of Rattlesnake Lake outside of North Bend Wa. Is ceder anything like cedar? And is a Cedar Butt anything like Ash Ass, Cherry Cheeks, Basswood Buns, Hemlock Hynee, or Beech Bum? I hope not! The thought of slivers in a very precarious place immediately come to mind!
But seriously- Ceder Butt? What were the hiring standards like for the government back in 1937 when that benchmark was set? Yeah, I know-probably not much different from today.
Ceder Butt is one of the 50 featured hikes in my upcoming Winter Hikes Card Deck to be released next fall by Mountaineers Books. You don't need to wait that long though to see this nice butt! Get yours in gear and enjoy the hike!

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