Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Buck Stops Here-But the Adventure Continues! I've been busy working on my 6th book, Backpacking Washington (Mountaineers), the companion volume to the six new Day Hiking Books (three which I authored). The fun part is doing the research-and this past week I set off with Don and Chris Hanson of Scottish Lakes High Camps and Katka and Jirka the intrepid Czechs for a four day trip from Trinity to the White River in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The route included Buck Pass and Boulder Pass, two chapters in my upcoming book-linked together by the infamous High Pass Route to the Napeequa Valley! All I can say is, "Wow!"
I have hiked well over 10,000 miles in Washington State and the High Pass-Napeequa Valley route has got to be one of the most spectacularly beautiful corners in the Evergreen State. The view of Triad Lake from the high route is breathtaking! So too is the view of the multi-glaciated Clark Mountain from the Napeequa. The weather for our four day trip was grand! The bugs nil! The fording of the Napeequa easy- and the snow and rock through High Pass just a tad bit challenging. I managed to do a little exploring around Buck Pass too, bringing my four day mileage total to just over 45. Gotta love the research. I have 10 of the 70 trips for the book under my backpack buckle now. Lot's left to do. See you on the trail!

(photo- Katka and Jirka pause to take in the beauty of Triad Lake, Glacier Peak rises in the background)

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