Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Bonne Fete du Canada

To all of my Canadian friends and acquaintances and American friends and acquaintances who appreciate our northern neighbors, have a wonderful Canada Day today! And to my American friends who wonder if there is a Fourth of July in Canada-there is-as well as a 5th of July, 6th of July, etc.! July 1st is the day Canadians celebrate their country's birth -but not quite its independence-that would take another 100 years or so to break from those tea drinkers across the Atlantic. Canada Day, Originally known as Dominion Day celebrates the unity of the British North American Colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec into the Dominion of Canada in 1867. It has nothing to do with hockey, curling, Celine Dion or Tim Horton's.

(photo- Voyageur mural at the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Park, Montreal, Quebec)

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