Thursday, July 03, 2008

Endangered Trails 2008
The Washington Trails Association has just recently released its annual Endangered Trails Report. Focusing on 10 trails within the state, the report highlight the greater threats that many of our trails are facing. Threats such as lack of maintenance and access due to dwindling funds from overseeing land managing agencies-most notably, the US Forest Service. Other threats include motorized recreation and incompatible developments. But by far the biggest and most pervasive threat Washington's trails face is an indifference from government officials to adequately fund them. A complacent and apathetic public only insures that the situation will get worse. Get involved with the WTA and other like-minded groups and let your voice be heard on why our trails should be properly funded. Hundreds of miles of prime recreational gems are at stake.
(Endangered Trail- Miners Ridge in the Wenatchee National Forest-excellent views but a near impossible approach due to abandonment)

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