Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lanham Lake? Where?

Great day today snowshoeing to Lanham Lake near Stevens Pass in the Central Cascades. Its a fairly straightforward trip- about 1.6 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain- old growth forest for almost the entire way and no avalanche danger. The lake is small and sits in a quiet basin below Jim Hill Mountain. What was impressive about today's outing was not so much the locale (although it is quite lovely in winter coat) but the amount of snow. There must be a good 8 feet of it. It is amazing! Spring is here in a few days but it'll be July before most of the Cascades see it. This year may very well be a repeat of 1999 when certain areas in the Cascades never melted out. Looks like I'll be doing some snowshoeing and skiing well into summer this year! So much for worrying about our water supply this summer and global warming? It ain't happening around here this year either!
( photo- Michael Fagin and Heather Romano "walk on water")

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