Monday, December 17, 2007

Superior Hiking

I'm currently putting together five short articles for the Park Report for the Weather Network's website. One of the parks that I am writing about is Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. You know-I grew up in the Northeast with the White Mountains-live now in the Northwest with the Cascades-and up until my September trip to northwest Ontario-I plain forgot just how wild parts of the continent's mid section are. Particularly the Lake Superior region. It is an area of immense beauty and raw wild places. Sleeping Giant rises over 1,000 feet above the lake they call Gitchee Gumee. Hey, this is Gordon Lightfoot Country-ancestral lands of the Ojibwa. Over 20 years ago I spent 11 days backpacking Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior. It was one of my most cherished life moments-and I have many! When I stood atop the Sleeping Giant this past September, I could see Isle Royale in the distance and a whole lot of special and wild lands. Don't discount the continent's heartland. Its pulse is wild and free!

(looking north along the Sibley Peninsula from the knees of the Sleeping Giant-9/07)

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