Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let it Snow! But Play it Safe!
While the global warming alarmists are off in Bali in air-conditioned conference rooms-that's a big carbon foot print Al, not to mention all of the jet fuel used to get you and the rest of the Chicken littles over there-Ah, but I digress. Seriously, I really do believe that we are seeing climate change-but the climate always changes and I don't need a bunch of fat-cat mass-consuming politicians and demagogues telling me how to live (when I already live far greener than they do by the mere fact that I consume less) when they are nothing but a bunch of power-grabbing hypocrites!
Ah-but I digress again-this is the time for peace on earth goodwill towards men-all of them-even politicians! What I really wanted to say was that here in Washington and over in my home state of New Hampshire it has been one heck of a December so far in the snow falling category. Let it Snow! White Christmas! A beautiful blanket from heaven above draped upon the hills, mountains, forests and cities. But for heaven's sake people, play it safe out there. We've been having a few tragedies here in the Cascades.
Karen Sykes of the Seattle PI has a great little article in today's paper about playing it safe in the woods in the winter time. Check it out. Okay full disclosure-I'm quoted in the article. Now back to global warming- I don't dismiss it like the far right-but I don't fully embrace it as the end of the world either as the far left claims. Here's my advice to Al Gore, Mayor triple chin of Seattle and the rest of you alarmists-why don't you guys stop driving, flying, living in monstrous houses, investing in power companies, lavishly consuming, and gaining excessive weight-then maybe I'll try listening to you. In the meantime- I live modestly-drive sparingly, consume even more sparingly, am deeply concerned about the health of our planet and realize that it is going to take a lot more than fear mongering and manipulating the populace to make our planet a better place. For one thing it is all about consumption and population. I don't see any of the alarmists reducing their own consumption and I don't ever see them talk about promoting a sane and sustainable population policy. Lead-don't deceive.
(photos- Willard Audubon Preserve-NH, Mount Rainier National Park, WA)

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