Saturday, December 01, 2007

Let the Christmas Season Begin
Ok, time for something a little more serious this time. Tomorrow is the first day of Advent, the true beginning of the Christmas season-not Black Friday-not Thanksgiving-and for God's sake, not Halloween! And as it is the true Christmas season now, the true meaning should be reflected-peace on earth, goodwill to all men. Not shop til you drop or any other materialistic corruption of this truly magical time. Christmas to me is not only a spiritual time but also a time to celebrate nature as the solstice approaches. I especially like the tying of Christian and Pagan rituals during this time. The celebration of life and the earth ties in nicely with hope, salvation and redemption.
Perhaps if we stayed out of the malls a little more in the next few weeks and took more walks in the woods the Christmas spirit may become more revealing to us. Don't get me wrong-I have nothing against gift giving and commerce. I am just disgusted over our modern culture's cult of materialism and consumerism. It has become a new religion for many. It's false! The real meaning of life is in nature-in the beauty of the natural world-in the marvelous gifts of life that God has bestowed upon our home, planet earth. Get outside and celebrate it!
(photo- Rila Monastery in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria)

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