Sunday, November 18, 2007

Swan Song-

Frog Chorus

It's been nearly five months since I left the urban jungle known as Seattle for greener and saner grounds-namely Skagit County.

From my office window I now peer out over farmland and low lying hills. Swan and geese flutter over my home. Pacific Tree Frogs greet me at my porch. I don't miss the sirens, incessant airplane and highway noise-the rants and profanities of undesirables walking down the street, inconsiderate tenants blasting poor excuses for music, and the cold non-greets of Seattlelites.

Nope don't miss it one bit. I spent way too long in that city. Sure its pretty-one of the prettiest big cities in North America. But it's a city! A place where people don't talk to each other-neighbors don't know each other-the pace is hurried-and the cost of living is unbearable. I grew up in small town New Hampshire and longed to return to greener more peaceful environs. I've found it in Skagit County. The people are friendly-the pace is unhurried-the mountains, forest, and sound are at my feet and they're easily accessible. And the background score? Swans and geese and tree frogs. How sweet it is!

Photos (Swans in Hokkaido, Japan; Frog in Willapa Bay, WA-I'll photograph some local critters soon!)

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