Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And the Northwest doesn't know how to make a decent cheese steak!
Wow, my Columbia Highlands Book got a review in the October 7th edition of the Sunday Pittsburgh Tribune-Review! Cool-all the way across the country in Pittsburgh Pa no less. But while I appreciate the review there was one big mistake. The River Range? That's Kettle River Range to you city which sits on three major rivers! Hey but don't feel bad, we ruin philly cheese steaks out here in the Pacific Northwest. And I'm sure that after the recent Steeler's slaughter of the Seahawks a few more cheesesteaks will be ruined-even though those tasty sandwichs really hail from Eagles country.
But hey-I think I'll pop open a Rolling Rock tonight and bask in my east coast exposure. I'm still waiting for the Seattle Times to review the book. Perhaps after tomorrow's talk they'll finally get with it and see what is happening in eastern Washington in the Columbia Highlands!

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