Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tied to the Hitching Post in Republic, Washington

Well not exactly-but I did just recently get hitched in that tiny northeastern Washington city. Heather (known to many of my readers as "a hiker") and I finally tied the knot after 10 wonderful years of pre-matrimonial days. We met in June of 1996. One month later we took the big plunge and went camping together. We chose Curlew Lake State Park in Ferry County, Washington, 300 miles away from the madness of Seattle. Curlew Lake, Republic, Ferry County and the Kettle Mountains have become very special places to the both of us.
I have just written a book; The Columbia Highlands: Exploring Washington's Last frontier -about the area, due for release next spring.

Ten years after that first camping trip together we got married at Curlew Lake-at the very campsite that we stayed at back in '96 and every subsequent trip to the park! On our return to the Northern Inn where we had our reception, owner Cathy surprised us with the billboard announcement. Adding humor to the occasion, was that the Sorry sign for no vacancy was lit up-and there is a No-U turn sign just below. Ain't life full of irony?

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