Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Who Would You Name A Mountain For- And Why?

Suppose you could name a peak for someone or something you admire. Who or what would you name your peak after? Why?

This is British Columbia's Mount Garibaldi.

It was named by Captain George Henry Richards of the Royal Navy for this guy (right)-Italian Patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi happens to be one of my personal heroes too, and I'm glad he got such a beautiful mountain named after him.
I haven't climbed Mount Garibaldi yet-but I visited his birthplace in Nice, France a few years back. Nice used to be in Savoy-but Victor Emmanuel gave it to France after Italian Unification. Sheesh-the father of Italian unification couldn't even get his birthplace placed into his new country!
I stopped by at his residence in Uruguay too. Garibaldi lived in Uruguay and New York City too (afterall he's Italian!). He helped liberate Uruguay. Who goes to Uruguay anyway!? Evidently me and Giuseppe!

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