Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snohomish County’s Greatest Hikes

I am quite excited to begin working on the 3rd edition of Hiking in Snohomish County. I first proposed this booklet idea to the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau back in 2005. The first full color booklet included 20 hikes and instantly became a hit exhausting its 10,000 run printing rather rapidly. In 2009 I updated the brochure with a second edition that included 25 hikes and many improvements. First, the focus became just on day hikes—so the long hauls were removed. Secondly-more urban hikes were introduced to highlight the diversity of walks and trails in Washington’s third most populated county. And lastly, the overall appeal of the brochure was enhanced with better color and graphics, better maps, and a better size making the pamphlet more user-friendly and perfect for stowing away in your pack.

Now I am working on the third edition which will be released this summer. I am aiming to up the hike count again as well as replace some from the second edition. I want to include yet more urban hikes and really want to fully capture the diversity of places in the county. I have my initial list thought out, but I am curious as to what you think. What are your favorite Snohomish County hikes? And specifically, what is your favorite urban/suburban Snohomish County hike? Let me know! And I hope you are as excited about this booklet as I am. The 2009 edition is pretty hard to find these days—but you can still download a copy here. Happy Hiking!

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