Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Paths, New Directions

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is 2012. Seems like just yesterday I was partying like it was 1999. But, while I continue to grow older (hey-who isn't? The alternative is worse!) I constantly welcome new experiences. This year will be no different. While I'm not sure I can top last year's 50 for 50 campaign, I will be challenging myself in other less intense ways. Like a new book for one thing! I'm working on finishing up the research and manuscript for Day Hiking Eastern Washington this spring and I have already begun the research and writing for a new book-my 10th. I'll be officially announcing it soon. And while I am not planning on running a 50 mile race this year-I am hooked on Ultra running and trail running and will be doing a handful of events here and there-and a few marathons as well. A little less backpacking this year and a little more paddling! I have some paddling adventures planned for this year-an activity I just don't do enough. Likewise for skiing-which I plan to do a little more of this year as well. Of course, I will be writing about many of these adventures and you can check out my stories in the following publications and websites:
  • Northwest Runner magazine-I continue my Northwest on the Run column for its 13th year, taking you to places and races throughout British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho!
  • Outdoors NW magazine- I continue my Northwest Trails column bringing you to a wide array of trails, parks and preserves throughout Oregon and Washington.
  • Adventures NW magazine-I'll continue to write features on hiking, backpacking, trail running and paddling for this great regional publication.
  • Northwest Travel magazine-I'll have a feature on the Columbia River Gorge in this recently revamped classy travel publication.
  • Hike of the Week.com- Now in its 7th year, look for a new destination every week (usually on Friday morning) -and once again the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau is sponsoring this website. Every other week I'll highlight a Snohomish County destination from  urban walks to deep wilderness treks.
  • Visit Rainier.com-I continue to provide content for this wonderful travel resource for Mount Rainier and its environs. Look for articles on history of the park-hiking, backpacking, skiing, mountain biking, snow shoeing and trail running in the park and its surroundings
  • Dog About Town.com-I continue to spotlight a dog friendly hike from throughout the Inland Northwest on this great website based in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.
  • Gorge Guide- Look for my feature on the amazing Cape Horn Trail in this beautiful annual publication.
  • Washington State Visitors' Guide-In the 2012 version I'll take you to Okanogan County ghost towns and across SR 20 thorough my favorite part of the state-Ferry County!
There will be more outlets too I imagine-more than enough to keep me busy. I thank you all for your support and interest and I love sharing my love for the outdoors and outdoor recreation with you. I always love hearing from you too-so don't hesitate to drop me a line at any time. Here's to a great 2012! Let's party like it's-like it's 2012 of course!

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