Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little Autumn Reading

I haven't been too good keeping up with blog posts lately as I have been in the field an awful lot making up for lost time from all of the snow we had earlier in the summer- and trying to get in as much research before the snows once again start covering the mountains. I am primarily working on research for Day Hiking Eastern Washington which I am over 2/3 done with and mapping a brand new Stevens Pass-Alpine Lakes Map for Green Trails-which I still have lots of miles to track. Anyhow-here are some pieces I recently published if you are interested in a little autumn reading now that the weather will be keeping us inside a little more.

Check out three wonderful hikes that happen to share the name Table Mountain-but that's all they share as they are quite different geographically and ecologically-other than the fact that they are all flat topped! It's in the latest issue of Outdoors NW magazine.

And check out the Mount Misery Trail in the Blue Mountains of Southeastern Washington. This high country trail traverses the Wenaha Tucannon Wilderness in the Blue Mountains. It is a featured hike in my new Backpacking Washington book too-so check out this article for a little more background on one of Washington's least hiked and known areas. It's in the newest edition of Adventures NW magazine.

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