Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Should Have Been A Rock Star

Here I am busy busting my hump training to complete a 50 Mile Trail Run and hoping to raise $10,000 for the Washington Trails Association in the process—and I have rounded up $2,000 so far! But check this out—Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder donates an autographed ukulele to the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners and he ends up raising over $17,000 for them! I mean what the heck!!!!? I am running 50 freaking miles!!!! What did Vedder do? He cleaned out his closet!!! You know the song—money for nothing and your chicks for free!!

But seriously—good for the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners! That’s excellent news for this trail in progress. That $17,000 will go a long way in making that trail a reality. And good for Eddie Vedder too—he has been a real partner in helping some of Washington’s special places. And how did Eddie Vedder get involved with a 30 mile trail in one of the remotest sections of Washington State? You can thank Bob Whittaker, President of Ferry County Rail Trail Partners for that—he has quite a few rock n roll buddies to call on!

So hey, Bob and Eddie—how about sponsoring me in my 50 for 50 campaign to raise $10,000 for the Washington Trails Association!?! I’ll even hum a few Pearl Jam songs while training this week to make my 50 mile run become a reality. In the meanwhile—while I wait for Eddie to respond, you can make a donation to my cause. Just click here and make your donation. Donate $20 or more and I’ll give you a special series Green Trails Map. Donate $40 or more and I’ll give you a map and you become a member of the Washington Trails Association (WTA)—an organization dedicated to maintaining and protecting our precious trails—in Ferry County and throughout Washington State!!

(photo-Eddie and the $17,100 Ukulele-photo by Bob Whittaker)

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