Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Freeze Makes Me Feel Not so Fine!

With all due respect to Seals and Croft; that song brings back so many fine memories of hot humid summer days back on the East Coast. Now just a memory as I spend my 22nd summer in the Northwest-and well, I am anticipating-no wait-looking for-no wait a minute-pleading for summer to arrive! I just finished up a 16 mile hike to Dublin Lake in Oregon's Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area in which I was treated to heavy down pours and 36 degrees. I have been working on my Day Hiking Columbia Gorge Book now for a year and am really close to finally wrapping it up. What a difference this year has been. Last June I launched the project working in one week of hot humid -well just like East Coast summer weather-in which I dodged afternoon summer thunder storms and peeled a dripping with sweat shirt off of my back at the end of the day. This year- I am dodging hail and rain and snow and strong breezes and piling on the Goretex as I trudge the trails. I'm waiting for the Summer breezes to return before I finish this project-which is soon. In the meantime, you can have the summer freeze!

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