Friday, May 07, 2010

Mapping a new future (map!)

Green Trails Maps recently released a brand new Mount Rainier National Park Map which includes:

Trails within the entire park
Trails along the park's periphery including the Cougar Lakes Area
A close up climber's map of Paradise and Muir Snowfields
A profile of the entire Wonderland Trail

And all of it is water proof and tear resistant. How cool is that? I was part of the mapping team last year that put it together. We tracked every trail in the park to make sure they were accurately measured and accurately portrayed. This map is a must have in you hiking resource library.

And heads up-I am currently busy working with cartographer Marc Rothmeyer to produce two new Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Maps. These maps too will include some great features including the entire Deschutes River Trail and new trails on the Washington side of the gorge as well as indicating the newly expanded Hatfield Wilderness. The first map for the western half of the Gorge will be out next spring-just in time for the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area's 25th Anniversary celebrations and the release of my Day Hiking Columbia Gorge Book. Of course, my book will have all its hikes referenced to the new maps. The book and the maps will be worth waiting for. Meanwhile don't wait any linger to do some good hiking-get out there and enjoy the spring weather!

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Crzydazy said...

Great Pitch. I want that map now. It's in english correct? ;)