Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Scruffy Gray One Year Later

It was on a cold March 9th evening one year ago, that a scruffy gray cat came out of nowhere to win over our hearts and sensibilities. Giuseppe and I were enjoying lunch the following day when this scraggly, heavily-matted cat came from under our deck and plopped himself down to soak up the warming rays of the afternoon sun. We went out to meet him and saw that beneath all of that scruff was a loving cat. We fed him and allowed him to sleep in our garage to escape the 20 degree nighttime temp. After three days we took him to the Skagit Valley Humane Society. And after much debate we decided to adopt him as we knew that this older somewhat special needs kitty was probably not going to be adopted by anyone else. We questioned our sanity as we took this abandoned cat in and slowly nursed him back to life giving him supplements and administering eye drops to his malnourished eyes. We had him shaved removing the heavily matted and dirty fur that covered him. And then we quarantined him in Heather's office until his fear slowly subsided and he was able to get along with Giuseppe. Now one year later and after spending a few hundred dollars on him, we have an incredibly loving cat that we can't understand why anyone would have abandoned in the first place. Every morning Scruffers sits on my lap and we read the paper together. He takes the news a lot better than me! Every evening he gets back on my lap and helps me enjoy my nightly glass of red wine. He appreciates his food, never complains, loves to nap all over the house and enjoys chasing Giuseppe around from time to time. And when I'm on the road, he misses me. He's a great little guy and we hope that he hangs around our home for years to come. There are lots of abandoned cats and dogs out there that need a loving home. And despite the expense and sometimes inconvenience of caring for one of these furballs, they pay you back with unconditional (yes-even cats are capable of this) love and definitely help you get through this crazy world and times. Thanks Scruffers for picking us-you did well for yourself!

(photos -left Scruffy Gray March 2009, right Scruffy Gray March 2010)


Alex said...

Your cat looks awesome! It looks tough, a badass type of cat. I bet it could easily take on a grizzly bear.

I hear yah about, “they pay you back with unconditional love and definitely help you get through this crazy world and times.” As much cat litter, cat food and cat toys you spend, they pay you back with love. My mom would always tell me that a cat’s job is to be a lover (and an eater). Cats certainly do a great job at that.

Happy Anniversary Scruffy!

Does Scruffy like to paw your face in the morning to get you out of bed? Our cat (Bella) has found to be a great technique to get us out of bed in the morning.

you should check this out:

Craig said...

Hi Alex-

Scruffs only looks tough-he's a real sweety-I call him my little Irish rugby player! Because of a back leg injury-he has really strong forearms-so he looks tough when he walks! He doesn't paw us in the morning but our other cat Giuseppe walks all over us-just like your Bella-must be an Italian cat thing! Oh-and thanks for sending the link-its hilarious! Giuseppe is particularly fond of eating grass!