Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No Mealy Mouthing Here
on the Mealy Mountain National Park!

To quote our president's most overstated phrase-Let me be clear here-Canada's new Mealy Mountain National Park in Labrador is now eastern Canada's largest national park!

According to a press release from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society:
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society welcomes the announcements today by the Governments of Canada and Newfoundland-Labrador that they will establish a new national park reserve and an adjacent provincial waterways park in the pristine Boreal wilderness area of Labrador’s Mealy Mountains.

This area, which has long been treasured by Aboriginal people, shelters spectacular wilderness, along with a threatened woodland caribou herd, moose, black bear, osprey, bald eagles and a species of special concern, the eastern population of the harlequin duck. It is also a prime destination for salmon anglers.

Today's announcement by the Government of Canada to move ahead with the establishment of the Mealy Mountains National Park, encompassing 10,700 km2, and by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to designate 3,000 km2 of the adjacent lEagle River watershed for inclusion in a new waterway provincial park, will create a total protected area of nearly 14,000 km2 in central Labrador. It will become the largest protected area in Eastern Canada, and nearly double the total area protected within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Wow! Looking for a little adventure this summer? To counter-quote fellow New Hampshire native son Horace Greeley- Go East Young Man! (Heck Young woman too-old and middle aged men and women as well!)

Read more here in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.
(Picture of the new park from Parks Canada)

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