Sunday, December 06, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

One of the most spectacular geological events in Pacific Northwest history was when half of Table and Greenleaf Mountains came sliding down to temporary dam the Columbia River. This massive landslide actually forced the river to bend before it burst over the debris to flow again. Native people recount the story as the Bridge of the Gods. Christians have proclaimed that God can move mountains. He can and did (through a little tectonic action of course) those many years ago moving mountains to form a Bridge of the Gods. A time existed when you could actually walk over the Columbia between Washington and Oregon. And it probably was a better and quicker route than today's congested I-5! The Bonneville Dam has inundated the rapids that the landslide created after the river burst through mounds of boulders and earth, but from the Wauna Viewpoint near Eagle Creek you can get a great perspective of the earth-shattering landscape that was left behind.

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